Railings are a more ornamental form of fencing, usually constructed in panels made up of round bars. They can be simple vertical bar systems with plain tops, or bow tops, or can have ornamental finials. The round bars can be 12mm, 16mm or 20mm, depending on the height of the railings. It is not recommended to use plain tops or anything pointed at lower heights, (1.2m and below). Railings are generally made to order, and are hot dip galvanized and sometimes also powdercoated. For more information on finishes see here. Whatever design of railings you require, we can install them quickly and efficiently, and with a minimum of disruption.

For more information, advice, or for a free survey or quotation, call 1890 930845.

Bow-Top Bow-Top Bow-Top Vertical Bar Vertical Bar Bar in Bow Top
Railings Railings Railings Railings Railings Railings

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