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Whatever your requirements, we can provide the solution to your fencing problems. We manufacture high quality fencing materials from steel and wire at our factory in Dublin. Whether its Chainlink, Wire Mesh panels, Palisade Security fencing, Gates or fence posts, we have the supplies & materials you need to build your fence. You can collect from our factory in Dublin, or we can deliver nationwide, or arrange installation if needed. We can take Credit Card and EFT Bank Transfer payments.

Call our sales team now on 1890-930842.

chainlink chainlink Mesh Panels palisade fence posts

We also supply Pedestrian barriers, fence fittings, welded mesh rolls, sheep wire, bullwire, line-wire, tying wire, barbed wire, razor barbed concertina wire, staples, clip guns and clips, and walltop spikes. Call 1890 930842 for more information.

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Dublin 12, Ireland.
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Chainlink chainlink CHAINLINK
Chainlink mesh fencing is made in rolls and needs fence-posts, line-wire, tying wire and tensioning winders. The mesh is made from galvanized wire, interwoven in a diamond pattern, and knuckled at top and bottom. It makes a simple, economic and very effective fence.
chainlink fence posts
Mesh Panels Mesh Panel MESH PANEL
Welded Mesh fencing is made in panels and needs fence-posts, bolts and mesh brackets.The panels are made from galvanized wire, welded in a grid pattern. A V-shape is pressed into each panel horizontally, to increase strength. It makes a strong and visually pleasing fence, to suit many purposes.
Mesh Panel Mesh Panel
Palisade palisade PALISADE
Palisade fencing is available in kit-form, and needs RSJ fence-posts, steel angle horizontal rails, and corrugated triple pointed vertical steel pales,as well as fishplates, and bolts and nuts. It assembles easily into an effective security fence.
Palisade Shear nuts