Having spent years surveying homes and businesses after break-ins and burglaries, we hope to provide some advice and knowledge to people, which may help prevent future break-ins. We hope to add more to this page over time.

Perhaps the single most recurring thing over the years is that most burglars are opportunists. They will take any easy opportunity to break in. If you can make it a bit harder for them to break in, and escape easily, from your premises, they will go elsewhere.

What attracts the burglar?
1 Unlocked windows/Open windows – lock all windows whenever you leave home.
2 Any sign that your property is unattended, such as lights, curtains/blinds left open, at night or closed all day.
3 Post piling up - cancel newspapers and have a neighbour collect any post, flyers etc, while you are away.
4 Hidden keys – don’t leave your spare key in any of the obvious places, like under the mat or through the post box.
5 Easy access to the rear of your house – fit a side gate with a lock.
6 Ladders or tools in easy reach – lock away anything that would help a burglar gain access to your home.
7 Unguarded property – lock it away in a garage or shed or keep it indoors.

What deters the burglar ?
Outside Lighting
Good lighting deters criminals.
Lights linked to infra red detectors which activate when an intruder comes near are very effective.
Intruder Alarms
Intruder alarms are strong deterrent to burglars. Statistics show over 90% of homes that are burgled do not have alarms. Where homes with alarms have been burgled, over 70% of the alarms had not been switched on.
Property Perimeter security.
Walls and fencing around your house improve your security, and make it harder for a thief to break in.
Entrance Gates are also important. If you have them, and they are kept closed, opportunist intruders will be more likely to go elsewhere, to somewhere easier to get in and out quickly.
Trees and shrubs can also be hiding places, so chain-link fencing can be a better compromise.
Thorny bushes have been found to be a very effective deterrent.

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